Perfect Walima-Bride Look from Bridal Diaries of 2015

Walima Look DressEvery bride wish to have an ideal look like celebrities on the great event of her wedding .She always dreamed for the best Walima Dress Color, Make-up, Jewelry & Hair-style on all the functions of this special event. It’s true that every girl can’t afford to have a designer bridal wear, branded jewelry and make over by a well-known make-up artist. But there is no need to lose heart, with a little effort and using a bit reason; you can try to fulfill your dream to have a perfect bridal look. In this article we are showing some best looks of Pakistani walima brides, which are mostly of celebrities and TV artists. You can see here the top class walima dress colors and their hit combinations, most excellent make-over’s and jewelry collection which match to the dress and also help to widen a bride’s whole personality.

First you have to choose a dress color or combination for yourself according to your body-color, normally on walima function bride look fresh and flimsy in light and cool colors and most importantly dissimilar to the Barat day look. So here we have selected almost all the color combinations which are in fashion these days, the second step is to select jewelry design ,that you can also pick from here and can get like that from any market at reasonable price ,because now the copy of branded accessories are easily available in markets. And the last step is make-up and hair-style, which you can also opt from these pictures and show them to your beautician and ask her to apply this type of makeup and hair style on you, but remember that every style and color never suits to everyone so choose it consciously, having in mind your face cut and color. So in this way you can enjoy a stunning & celebrity look on your wedding.

Dear readers this page is only for to acknowledge you about the latest fashion and trends in bridal make –up, hair-style and jewelry which may help you to be up-to-date in the fashion world.

kashee Walima beauty parlor

walima dress 2015-2016

vaila outfits 2015-2016

mona j bridal look 2015-2016

ather shahzad bridal look 2015-2016

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