Most Famous Color Combination For Pakistani And Indian Engagement Dresses

Most-Famous-Colour-Combinations-For-Pakistani-And-Indian-Engagement-Dresses Before wedding engagement is considered a very special event in all societies ,it’s a promise to bond a male and female in a strong relation for life time. This is the first occasion when the families of the bride and groom properly meet each other and try to make strongest the newly made relation. Most often in Asian culture the bride and groom meet with each other for the first time,so to impress each other both wants to look more beautiful and stunning by their special appearance.

As girls always look much crazy to look extraordinary stylish and gorgeous, so they are much conscious about selecting their engagement dresses and other accessories.

Usually as compare to wedding dress,the engagement dress is preferred in light colors and not too much heavy embroidered. Most girls want to enjoy a soft and cute look at this special event, they want to spell bound their grooms with their stunning but innocent beauty.

So to help these girls, today we have an elegant and a wonderful collection of engagement bridal dresses designed by famous designers .The colors are mostly new and combinations are attractive and unique,the embellished embroidery is deliberate and glamorous.All the dresses give a classic and luxury touch to the wearer,the stitching styles are lahanga kurti, fancy frocks, open shirts ,double shirt and A-line frock styles.So have a look on them.

Pink and Orange Color Combination Engagement ,Bridal Dress in A-line Frock Style:Pink-and-Orange-color-combination-Engagement-bridal-dress-in-A-line-Frock-Style

Deep-Red and Silvery-White Color Combination Engagement ,Bridal Dress in Open Shirt Style with Lahanga :


Silver Gray Color Engagement ,Bridal Dress in Frock with Lahanga :Silver-Gray-color-Engagement-bridal-Dress-in-Frock-with-Lahanga

Orange and Pink Color Combination Engagement ,Bridal Frock DressOrange-and-Pink-color-combination-Engagement-bridal-Frock-dress

Light Pink Color Engagement ,Bridal Dress:Light-Pink-color-Engagement-bridal-dress

Dark Green Color Engagement ,Bridal Dress:Dark-Green-color-Engagement-bridal-dress

White and Shocking-Pink Color Contrast Engagement ,Bridal DressWhite-and-Shocking-Pink-color-contrast-Engagement-bridal-dress

Golden Color Engagement ,Bridal Dress:Golden-color-Engagement-bridal-dress

Gray Color Engagement ,Bridal Long Frock Style dress:Gray-color-Engagement-bridal-Long-Frock-Style-dress

Multi-Colored combination Engagement ,bridal Lahanga dress:Multi-colored-combination-Engagement-bridal-Lahanga-dress

Pink and purple Color Combination Engagement , bridal Lahanga:Pink-and-purple-color-combination-Engagement-bridal-Lahanga

Golden and Ferozi Color Combination Engagement ,bridal dress:Golden-and-Ferozi-color-combination-Engagement-bridal-dress

Mehroon and Sea-green Color Contrast Engagement ,bridal dress:Mehroon-and-Sea-green-color-contrast-Engagement-bridal-dress

Skin and Sea-green color Combination Engagement ,Bridal Dress:Skin-and-Sea-green-color-combination-Engagement-bridal-dress

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