How To Select Best Bridal’s Mehndi Dresses In Pakistan and India?


latest-pakistani-indian-bridal-Mehndi-dress-greenIn Pakistan, wedding is always known as happiest and a sacred occasion and MEHNDI is the most colorful and enjoyable event of a wedding. This event generally has celebrating festival feel to it with lots of enjoyment , cheers, young girls and boys sing songs, specially competition of teasing songs about the other side, dance with the beats of Dhol, girls wear fancy but traditional outfits in vibrant and gay colors  etc.The MEHANDI festival is really an exciting way to began the wedding ceremony and get everyone in spirit. It generally takes place on one or two days before the Barat day. MEHANDI is symbolically place on the couple’s hands, infect this ritual is supposed to bring good luck and longevity to the bride’s married life. Traditionally the event was held separately for the bride and groom, but now this has change substantially in recent times.

Now the MEHANDI function of bride and groom held together therefore, both have become more conscious and touchy of what to wear to look perfect. Traditionally yellow color was consider necessary for the bride’s MEHANDI dress but we know the trend has changed, now a bride wants to look much more beautiful, modern and also glamorous so, now brides mostly select green, sea green, hot pink, rust  and Ferozi or the combination and contras of two or three colors among these.

A recent trend gaining popularity is to select a color theme for MEHANDI dresses, where by guest are supposed to dress up in a particular color, it reflects a colorful harmony among all guests.

Next question arouse about the stuff you can choose for your dress. you can select in georgette, Shamooz, raw silk, crape, Chaffoon or Krenkal with Banarsi or Jamavar stuff.

The last question arouse what should be the dress style and specially  the bride feel confusion about it because she wants to look unique, stylish as well as smart. These are some options in following

1:Short  shirt with long dupata and patyala  shalwar is very  common wear of Pakistani Mehndi bride, remain always in trend and look graceful.                                                                                                                                                                                                  latest-pakistani-indian-bridal-Mehndi-dress-yellow-shirt-patyala-shalwar

2: Sharara is the best traditional Mahandi dress for Pakistani bride.

latest-pakistani-indian-bridal-Mehndi-dress-multi -color- sharara

3: Long A-line shirt with Chooridar pajama give a smart look to bride. latest-pakistani-indian-bridal-Mehndi-dress-yellow-pink-A-line -shirt

4: Traditional Lehenga choli gives a perfect bride look, but trend is of long or front open shirt with Lehenga.


5: Pishvaz or frock  with pajama  gives a younger and stylish touch.latest-pakistani-indian-bridal-Mehndi-dress-yellow-anarkali-frock

6: Now the Sadi’s Best one , Angrakha frock  with chooridar pajama or loose trouser  makes a unique and conventional look.latest-pakistani-indian-bridal-Mehndi-dress-yellow-angrakha-frock

6:Anarkali style frock is most trendy and gorgeous wear for a Mehndi dress of a Pakistani and Indian bride.

latest-pakistani-indian-Mehndi-dress-yellow-anarkali-frock*  Now Choice is in your hand, what looks u like……..

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  • hi…ive seen a black and red anarkali with heavy red velvet border at the bottom on this website id like to know where i can get the item from as i really love it and it my brothers weeding in december…ive seen it in another website but its sold out…plz plz help me…thankx

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