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What trend to Follow in 2014 ?

image Dear readers you must be thinking about the new trends and styles should be followed in 2014. Because it has become now almost a custom to follow fashion and to look trendy, especially young girls look mad to look fashionable & stylish. This post will help you to get how know about the fashion trend, which would be followed in the year 2014.For this we have selected some special pieces from famous designers ‘collection, which they have showcased for the coming year. This selection will also help to give an idea that what would be inn in 2014, so you can design your wardrobe for wedding & party wear dresses with the help of this post.

Anghrakha style frocks and shirts are very much in fashion this year and will be next year too ,so you can design your dress either wedding ,party or formal wears in this style without any hesitation because this fashion will be much followed in next year. All the cuts and designs are novel and show the creativity of dress designers, but the style is Anghrakha that’s why all dresses giving just alluring ,unique and glamorous look to the wearers…

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Top 5 Secrets to Dye your Hair Naturally at Home

Secrets to Dye your Hair Naturally at HomeTo dye hair is now become a fashion, not only to cover white hair but also to look fashionable. Because dye hair adds beauty in your personality, but it will possible only when you consider your personality, skin & eyes color and structure while dying hair .If you have white skin complexion than every hair color will suit to your personality and with a bit fair complexion brown hair color look good.

A bit darker skin color Ladies should have their hair in black color because it makes their personality more attractive. If your hair is naturally black then dye them in red, copper and light brown color. If your hairs are too white and you like to dye them in Dasi style then your desired color will show after dying them two times.

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Enjoy Magical Beauty with Home Made Skin Toners in Cold Season

Ø Rose water and Grapes Mask Toner (for all skin types)

This mask toner is suitable for every skin, the grapes qualities are a tonic for dry, sensitive and damage skin; moreover it gives young touch to skin .And the astringent qualities of rose water helps to tone skin and moisturize it.Rose water and Grapes Mask Toner


Rose water   =       125 ml

Glycerin        =        1 teaspoon

Almond oil   =         1 teaspoon

Grapes juice=          12 drops

Mix all ingredients and apply on face and neck; do massage, wait a minute and wash with a little warm water. The remaining mixture can be saved in the freezer.

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How to Remove Dead Cells of Skin In Winters With Food Extracts

Now the beauty experts have agreed that the natural gifts and food extracts are better and useful than an artificially made cleanser, toners and other beauty products. Because they have vitamin A, vitamin D, necessary fatty acid, and Flavonoids; which are found in all food items and work like tonics for skin and beauty, for example vegetables, milk, fruits, nuts and seeds are especially useful for skin health and beauty . All these natural things are used in good quality beauty products, that’s why for skin cleansing , removing dead cells of skin and to put new life to the skin ,the natural things are much better than chemical based beauty products made in laboratories. Especially in winter skin needs some extra care and heed, so we are giving some useful tips to save your skin from damage effects of this cold season.Skin Care With Natural Gifts And Food Extracts

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Effective Winter Season Homemade Skin Cleansers for all Skin Types

The winter season has started and this season is really considered very hard for the skin, because skin needs extra care and extra effort to save from the severity of the cold season .As the season has started and most of us are facing different skin problems like dryness, deadness, dandruff, damage, black heads, rashness etc.…… So to avoid these problems and for having lively, shiny,  young and fresh skin you have to need proper cleansing and moisturizing of skin. In this post we are telling some most effective homemade remedies of skin cleansing for all skin types as normal, oily and dry. These homemade cleansers are long lasting effective and harmless than the cleansers available in markets ………… sure you will try and admire them.

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